Bradley Walsh: When Dummies Took over The World

Bradley Walsh: When Dummies Took Over The World

2018  |  Documentary  |  1 x 60 mins

Broadcaster: ITV1

Full Line Production from initial budgeting through to delivery.

Bradley Walsh: When Dummies took over the World’ is the story of the ventriloquist dummy. Featuring archive material and interviews with the stars who’ve worked with them, the programme also hears from the likes of Nookie Bear, Spit the Dog, Sooty and Sweep and Dicky Mint who for the first time reveal what it’s like to be a dummy in showbiz. The documentary explores what happens to the dummies when the ventriloquist retires the act or passes away, and how life changes when the dummies fall out of favour. The Programme also includes the final TV interview with Ken Dodd.